Secret Cuban Island Cayo Largo

playa sirena

It’s been 5 years since I launched a tradition of spending our summer holidays in winter. In our native country the climate is severe in January and February so it’s become a trend in young Ukrainian families to have extended winter holidays somewhere in Asia or South America.

Visiting Cuba was my teenage dream, all those photos of vintage cars and post-colonial architecture.. who haven’t been allured by them tell me! So, it was decided 2016 would start on Cuba. Our trip started on the 9th of January and lasted 3 weeks, but this post is about a lazy part of vacation – Cayo Largo retreat.Cayo Largo is a tiny island in the Caribbean sea, it’s territory belongs to Cuba though locals are not allowed to visit this island, only hotel and airport stuff is allowed.

There are 3 large chain hotels on the island, a couple of villas and an airport. All property is owned by Italian or Spanish capitalists.


Playa Paraiso beach, Cayo Largo, Cuba

Sol Cayo Largo

Sol Cayo Largo


Path from hotel to the beach


Bar in hotel Sol Cayo Largo

The place is literally paradise, you have pure white sand and azure waters of Caribbean within 10 minutes walk from your villa, cocktail bar on the beach with cheerful latin barmen and music, several restaurants with seafood, pools and even night club. And all is for free (since you’ve already paid for this in advance haha).


After rain


By charter from Habana.

Convenient and rather cheap option is booking the package tour through Cuban tour operator (we opted for Cubatour) in Habana. This includes: bus transfers from/to the airport in Habana, helicopter transfer from Habana to Cayo Largo, number of nights in chosen 4* all-inclusive hotel.  It all costed us $600 per person for 7 days as I recall.

Charters are available from Canada and Italy as well, so if you live in one of these countries first just check with your local tour operators.


Just landed on Cayo Largo


In one of the hotels: Sol Cayo Largo, Sol Pelicano, Iberostar Playa Blanca. Or villas: Soledad, Lindamar, Marinelo.

It’s possible to book the rooms through hotels’ websites or but the price will be much higher and you’ll have additionally to sort out the flights.


Villas in Sol Cayo Largo hotel


Villas in Sol Cayo Largo hotel


In January it’s not that hot, +25C maximum, with possibility of clouds and even rain. So my recommendation – plan your trip to Cayo Largo starting February or March to catch warm sea and pure sky.


When planning a trip to Cayo keep in mind the island is really small and you won’t find much entertainment outside the hotels. Mostly people rent motorbikes and wander around the island, or go to the beautiful Playa Sirena. This is why ensure you have supplied yourself with enough music and books. Oh, and yes, there is no free internet.

Hope you’ve got some inspiration and probably started considering a trip to one of Caribbean islands. If you are interested in budget Caribbean island travels check out my post Is Roatan Island In Honduras Worth Visiting?

13 thoughts on “Secret Cuban Island Cayo Largo

  1. Hi,
    We’re looking to travel to Cayo Largo and it seems so complicated from overseas, could you share your the contact of the travel agent you booked this trip through?


  2. So, did you just book this once you were in Habana? I am trying to google “cubatour” in Habana but am unable to find anything. Should I wait to find someone who can set this up for me once I land in Habana?


    • Hi there! sorry for the late reply. We’ve booked cubatour through local travel agent in advance. Cubatour is a local touroperator and cannot be booked outside of Cuba. The lady, travel agent whom i found in internet forums, sort everything for us and left travel vouchers on the reception upon our arrival in Havana.


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