5 Tips How to Save your Cat from Stress when You’re Leaving for Vacation

black cat sitting in plants
Have this ever happened to you, vacation is coming but you don’t feel that joy and heart aches? It might not, unless you have a fluffy little friend named Cat at home. It’s been proved, Cat is not flexible at all when it comes to leaving his home. And if he needs to choose between you and his cozy house, sorry but the choice is obvious – he’ll choose the house. Which is why we never take our pets on vacation with us.

Cats can manage housework by themselves and stay home alone for a week if someone brings them food and drinks. But what if vacation is longer than one week? Unfortunately for the cats, we take them for retreat to friends, relatives, colleagues or random people from Facebook.
I’ve been friends with cats for years and figured out a couple of rules how to mitigate a blow for fluffy cool fish at times of temporary movements.

1. Cat shouldn’t smell a rat

You probably noticed that Cat can smell the upcoming changes and tough times long in advance. At some point he starts behaving weird so you are thinking your vacation is a treason. So, the first rule: keep your Cat in the dark till the very moment you leave. This means, you shouldn’t pack his bowls, take his container from the wardrobe, and NEVER try putting him into it just to check how he fits.

2. Cat needs to have all his stuff with him

Cat’s relocation to temporary house is a great event, as you have to move all his belongings with him. Everything: silverware, food reserves, golden toilet, gym, toys, etc. And if you, by any chance, forgot anything from this list, he may impose cattish sanctions on his guesthouse in the form of a poop or sofa scratches. Or hunger strike, since silverware and dishes should be traditional.

3. Cat is feeling safe with mates he already know

Noone loves strangers. In any case the first thing Cat does in a new house is hiding under the sofa. And God knows how much time he might spend there. But if he met the owner before, there is a chance in several hours he will be siting and purring in his hands.

4. Cat and Dog are friends in tough hours

If you are a lucky owner of both a catty and a doggie, then you probably know what races and fights without rules they organize at home. Oh, I’ve always loved to observe how the dog is genuinely happy when the cat returns home. But try to send them to visit friends together, and you will see how more friendly they will become.

5. Cat doesn’t like being a guest at another cat

An advice – do not try to make two adult cats friends. One of them will always be defending his territory and behave like an asshole. Though there are exceptions even here.

And now being serious – I am taking my cat to another country next month, haven’t decided should it be plane or car. Have you had any experience of moving countries with a cat? I am freaking out a bit, truly saying….

This is a translation from my original post in Russian

Author of illustration is Ukrainian artist and my friend Grasya Oliyko

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