Why Is It Time to Save Boracay?


Hello, beautiful people. Today is a national holiday in Bulgaria and finally I’ve got some time to review one year old photos from journey to Philippines and do some writing. I wanted to make this post just to inspire, but occasionally came across the article in Business Mirror about closure of Boracay and was a bit frustrated.


What I heard about Boracay Island before stepping to its land, it has one of the most beautiful coasts in the world – White Beach. What I did not know – it was extremely overcrowded and littered. And today I am reading in news that the island is on the edge of the environmental disaster due sanitation and wastewater issues, and even can be closed for tourists by the government in the near future.


According to official numbers, the number of tourists have increased  from 634,263 in 2008 to some 2 million in 2017. Partial data also showed there were 430 resorts with 14,697 rooms. Huge inflow of people is causing immense pressure on the island’s sewerage infrastructure which is far from stable.


And the big reason for this are the violations in issuing hotel building permits.


Closing the island is of course an extreme measure as it would reduce 19,000 of jobs, but  going the current direction will simply ruin the island and can even cause damage to tourists. The latter may become the victim of the sanitation problems due to bad water quality.


Thanks God, it’s already official – starting from June 2018, all building works should be stopped according to Philippines government decision. Local authorities will have time to solve island’s problems and afterwards the decision about closing the island to tourists will be taken. Win? Maybe, we’ll see.


The island itself is a treasure, with its beautiful wide beach and turquoise calm warm sea, palms and beautiful sunsets. I hope the problems will be resolves and wish with all my heart all the luck to people who are taking of it.


Nevertheless, may the travel spirit be with you!


5 thoughts on “Why Is It Time to Save Boracay?

  1. I totally agree. I’ve been there twice, more than 10 years ago and it was already crowded. Luckily, the Philippines has so many islands to choose from, and more secluded, I can visit a different one every time I go back.

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  2. Boracay has become so heavily commercialized that you can no longer enjoy its wonder without bumping into people’s shoulders. To save it, people should stop making it a summer destination and explore other awesome beaches in the Philippines. That’s one way of de-commercializing it. 😀😀😀

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  3. Are you from Bulgaria ? I visited a lot in Bulgaria like in Sophia , terraternova I don’t spell it right but it’s the capital of Bulgaria before , Russo , and the old village which they preserve those stone house and that monastery . Terraternova it’s beautiful because of its castle . Correct me if I misspelled that capital before .

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    • I am living in Bulgaria right now, moved here from Ukraine half a year ago. The city you mentioned is Veliko Tarnovo and actually I have not visited it yet. Will definitely take a car trip to those places once it becomes warm enough ( it was minus degrees two weeks ago here )


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