10 Photos of Colourful Houses in Granada, Nicaragua


Visiting Granada is making a trip in the time tunnel. Spanish classic colonial buildings and transport vehicles remain untouchable since colonial times. High ceilings, interior courtyards with gardens, fountains, swimming pools, red tiled roofs, wicker rocking chair in the dining rooms in almost every house. And one of my favourite – ancient front doors. You will be charmed by the spirit of colonial time walking down the tiled streets of Granada.


It’s so great that new generation of homeowners of these ancient buildings restore them and keep in such a good shape.





The city of Granada was founded by the conqueror, Francisco Hernández de Córdoba, in the year 1524, who established one of the oldest colonial settlements in Central America.


It was the most important city in the entire region, with its strategic location on the shores of the Great Lake of Nicaragua and with easy access to both Pacific and Atlantic oceans.


It was the center of commerce for 4 centuries and is still the most important center of tourist attraction in Nicaragua.


It it has a history of being sacked by pirates on numerous occasions.


Nowadays, with its perfect weather, scenic beauty and a low cost of living, its become a gathering spot for travellers and expats. I often see a promoted ad on Facebook about so-called settlement for expats in Granada.

I am not sure as for staying for long in this city, but if you are travelling through Central America I would recommend visiting this place as it will definitely leave a bright spot in your memories.


All photos were taken by me while traveling through Central America in 2014.

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