Golden Days in Trakai Castle

Autumn has finally come. Blink, and the palette utterly changed. Beautiful days, aren’t they?

This reminded me about charming autumn in Lithuania, the country loved by many Ukrainians for its political loyalty and support for the country; as well as for magic spirit of Vilnius, sea breeze in Palanga, delightful cuisine and great variety of craft beers.

For me, one of the loveliest and romantic places in Lithuania is Trakai – medieval gothic  castle not far from Vilnius. Trakai is the only castle in Eastern Europe built on the island in the middle of a lake. As the former capital of the country and home for nobles, it’s history is covered with legends and poems. Though now it’s only a museum open to all.

I’ve been to Trakai twice: this summer and years earlier in autumn.

Just wanted to show you the magic touch of the season. The glow.

Trakai castle

Trakai Castle in June

Trakai Castle in Lithuania

Trakai Castle in October

Enjoy the days, friends.


How to get the best of London in 2 days (part 2)


For me, when it comes to visiting London for short periods the most complicated part is not to get lost in a broad choice of world famous attractions, various activities and numerous restaurants and bars. This is not the situation when you should trust yourself to fate and let all happen by itself. You need a plan. Thanks to my friend Marina and her passion for planning we managed to see some of the most beautiful spots and get into world famous restaurants and bars within only 2 days.

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5 Reasons I’ve Fallen in Love with Porto


It was a humid July day when after 3 hours train ride I’ve arrived in Porto. By that time I had stayed in Lisbon and Lagos for a couple of weeks and already decided for myself that Portugal is the country where I feel cozy and homy, and nothing could make me feel thrilled. And how wrong I was when booked only 2 nights in Porto. Walking down the city streets I was already imagining myself spending the whole summer here each morning drinking coffee at the large antique table in a spacious old apartment with Atlantic ocean view. Continue reading

How to get the best of London in 2 days (part 1)


A few months ago, on May late evening I arrived in Luton airport, took the shuttle and headed for London. My friend was already there, we agreed to meet on Oxford street at the bus stop not far from Marble Arch. No surprise we didn’t find each other at once and of course it was misty and drizzling on the streets. And I thought, yes this is definitely London! Nothing changed since 2014. I am here, it’s foggy and rainy. But last time I had umbrella with me at least. People and cars were passing by, traffic lights reflected on wet pavements, and I still needed to find my friend at one of 5 bus stops with the same name.

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Где и когда искать цветущие поля тюльпанов


Начиная с 20-ых чисел марта и до конца мая большая часть земель Королевства Нидерланды трансформируется в красочное одеяло из тюльпанов. Голландия стала идеальным местом для выращивания тюльпанов еще в 16-ом веке, все благодаря продолжительной весне с холодными ночами и песчаной почве, которая отлично подходит для выращивания луковиц. Continue reading