10 Photos of Colourful Houses in Granada, Nicaragua


Visiting Granada is making a trip in the time tunnel. Spanish classic colonial buildings and transport vehicles remain untouchable since colonial times. High ceilings, interior courtyards with gardens, fountains, swimming pools, red tiled roofs, wicker rocking chair in the dining rooms in almost every house. And one of my favourite – ancient front doors. You will be charmed by the spirit of colonial time walking down the tiled streets of Granada.

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Is Roatán, Honduran Caribbean Bay Island, Worth Visiting?


While traveling through Central America I was looking for a charming oasis in the Caribbean region, with white warm sand and turquoise waves, not glamorous, without tons of tourists. The research brought me to Roatan.

Roatan is one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean area. It is part of Bay Islands, just 50km long and up to 4km wide. It’s territory belongs to Honduras. Continue reading

Secret Cuban Island Cayo Largo

playa sirena

It’s been 5 years since I launched a tradition of spending our summer holidays in winter. In our native country the climate is severe in January and February so it’s become a trend in young Ukrainian families to have extended winter holidays somewhere in Asia or South America.

Visiting Cuba was my teenage dream, all those photos of vintage cars and post-colonial architecture.. who haven’t been allured by them tell me! So, it was decided 2016 would start on Cuba. Our trip started on the 9th of January and lasted 3 weeks, but this post is about a lazy part of vacation – Cayo Largo retreat. Continue reading