5 Tips How to Save your Cat from Stress when You’re Leaving for Vacation

black cat sitting in plants
Have this ever happened to you, vacation is coming but you don’t feel that joy and heart aches? It might not, unless you have a fluffy little friend named Cat at home. It’s been proved, Cat is not flexible at all when it comes to leaving his home. And if he needs to choose between you and his cozy house, sorry but the choice is obvious – he’ll choose the house. Which is why we never take our pets on vacation with us.

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A new season

It’s October, many things happened this summer.

I have left my job, sold my car, found tenants for my apartment with a cat in it and finally… moved countries.

It’s a new page in a book and I’m so very excited about what’s on the way.

[Updated – all done!] And now, the initial plan for 2017 (OMG it’s only 3 months left!):

✔ finish residency paperwork,

✔ volunteer on the largest IT event in Europe,

✔ meet my besties in magnificent city of Lisbon,

✔ visit my friend in Brussels,

✔ rock on HIM concert in Luxemebourg,

✔ get some snow delight on Bulgarian ski slopes.

Stay tuned!

cat siberian marie borkun