Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy spring to everyone, and happy international women’s day, dear ladies! We rock! Wish all of us more love and care for ourselves, beautiful peaceful mornings without a rush, motivation and strength for great accomplishments.

I hope my fellow readers in Ukraine are enjoying their extended weekend (4 days!wow). In Bulgaria we had flowers, sweets, fully booked restaurants and finally +17 in the air 🙂


Enjoying my morning last year on Philippines


A new season

It’s October, many things happened this summer.

I have left my job, sold my car, found tenants for my apartment with a cat in it and finally… moved countries.

It’s a new page in a book and I’m so very excited about what’s on the way.

[Updated – all done!] And now, the initial plan for 2017 (OMG it’s only 3 months left!):

✔ finish residency paperwork,

✔ volunteer on the largest IT event in Europe,

✔ meet my besties in magnificent city of Lisbon,

✔ visit my friend in Brussels,

✔ rock on HIM concert in Luxemebourg,

✔ get some snow delight on Bulgarian ski slopes.

Stay tuned!

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